IPOD/Laptop Option

Times have changed and the need for a simpler option is obvious! 
A quick search of iPod Weddings reveals a growing trend of “Be Your Own DJ” to save cash and have a great party! (check out the links below)

A DJ, Band, or an Ipod – Can you DJ your own wedding?
Helpful Hints for IPOD Brides 
Saying iDo
IPOD:  the New Wedding DJ

We understand that not everyone wants to spend a ton of cash on a band or high profile DJ.  We also know that you can easily identify the songs your guests will love or those that memories were built. The only thing most people don’t have is access to a high quality state of the art sound system.  It also takes time to pick up, set up, and then return the equipment.  This is where A Taste of Music is able to offer a simple solution at a very reasonable price.

Being a lover of all music, we have years of experience playing parties and creating playlists. We are willing to share the tricks that can make an IPOD Wedding a successful one.  If you would like more personal assistance with the flow and music selection we are happy to offer additional service, Click here.

We provide the Premium sound system set up and ready to play for budget-conscious and music-obsessed people like you!  Pricing.