Why A Taste of Music

We understand the work involved to ensure a successful event.  We spend hours each week refining our music selection process and mastering our mixing skills.  From our personal experience we have learned that there are really 3 key areas of focus:

1.  The Sound – We use Bose equipment and high quality music.  We have also recently upgraded our system to provide even more Base when required.

2.  The Event – We pride ourselves on setting a fun and relaxed tone.  A big part of this is coordinating with event planners, site managers, caterers, photographers, and family members to provide a seamless flow.  Also be sure to consider uplights to add some ambiance to your Venue.

3.  The Value – We are Party Professionals and charge rates that fall within the middle of the DJ pricing spectrum.  If you happen to chat with someone on the lower end of the spectrum and then meet with us you will quickly see the difference.  But if you meet with someone on the higher end of the spectrum and then us you will understand the value we are offering.  Click here to view pricing.

It’s important that you feel confident with your decision and so please call or email us to set up some time to meet.  You will see that we are mature experienced DJ’s.  We can provide as much (Full Taste experience with lights, games, etc.) or as little (rental of equipment only) as desired.  Regardless of what you require our level of service will not be surpassed.

Thank you and we look forward to making your next event a memorable one.

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  1. Satch says:

    These pieces raelly set a standard in the industry.

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